Friday, 2 November 2018

How to catch hold of hidden camera in your bed or hotel room with smart phone?

With the advancement of technology, there are more and more attacks on the privacy of individuals, couples, and organizations due to business rivalries. Now you can not be sure that your landlord, hotel manager, fashion designer or even your closest friend might have implanted hidden cameras in your bedroom, hotel rooms, trial rooms, changing rooms or even company's boardrooms. Imagine if hidden cameras are installed in bedrooms, hotel rooms, trial rooms, changing rooms without being noticed by you. What to do under such circumstances. You are left high and dry and you will like to have some gadget to detect such cameras within a fraction of seconds. To enable you to detect such hidden cameras I am writing this article for you and only for you so that you are not caught unaware.

How to detect such hidden cameras with your smart mobile phone?
  1. If you happen to visit any of private places like toilets, bedrooms, hotel rooms, trial rooms or changing rooms then first of all just switch off all the lights to have complete darkness. Pull the curtains and ensure that you turn the room into a black room. It can be done easily at night hours. After turning the room into a dark room just launch you phone camera without turning on the flashlight. Roam about in the room with your cell phone especially pointed towards possible places of hidden cameras. If tiny Red or Green LED light is detected it implies that a hidden microphone or camera is installed in the room to spy on the visitors and strangers. If no LED light is detected then the room has passed the anti-spying test and you can be comfortable in the room without bothering that your privacy is being intruded into.
  2. In the second step place a call on your phone and wave your smart or mobile phone here and there especially the doubtful places where hidden camera or microphone might have been installed cunningly. If you hear a clicking noise on your cell phone it confirms the presence of hidden camera or microphone as clicking noise will be due to the fact that your phone might be interfering with electromagnetic fields of high intensity as are used in hidden cameras and microphones. Sometimes due to the interference of fibre optic cable during signal transfer may interfere with your calls and you may not be able to make even calls from the room which also confirms the very presence of the hidden cameras.
  3. Sometimes hidden cameras are installed behind the mirrors. To detect such hidden cameras launch the flashlight of your phone and shine it directly on the wall mounted mirror. Move the flashlight progressively near the mirror until it touches the mirror. If you can see through the mirror or notice light shining through it, you can be sure of a one-way mirror and possibly hidden camera behind it as a mirror should always reflect light and not allow the light to penetrate through it
  4. Lastly with the flashlight of your smartphone carefully inspect the books, clocks, lamps, and water purifiers etc. and if you find any pinhole-sized holes then there is a possibility of a hidden camera pointed towards you. 
  5. If you can afford the cost, which is not much more than the cost of your privacy, then you can buy hidden camera detectors which have the capability to detect the hidden cameras very intelligently.  Such hidden camera detectors are portable tiny sized instruments which are very small and easy to use. You are just to hold the tiny sized device very close to your eye as an expert watch repairer puts a magnifying glass on one of his or her eyes. Then just look around every hook and corner of the room. If there is any hidden camera you will be able to easily see the light reflections from the camera LED. Some detectors start vibrating on detecting a hidden camera or microphone. Others can alarm you through flashlights or beeping sounds when the area is swept by such detectors.
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